Week #22


  • Lunchtime lecture this Thursday!

  • Websites - Process post- (10 minutes)

  • Begin to bring in still life objects.

  • Sketchbook - Curiosity pages- Russian Art - Only one two-page spread required.

  • Home project planning- Xtreme RVA landscape challange- create a painting inspired in some capacity by Richmond's landscape. These can be realistic, abstract or non-objective. Take pictures and sketch. (45 minutes)

Day 1

  • Continue intro. to oil paint.

  • Finish canvas prep.

Day 2

  • Introduction to underpainting

Day 3 - Updated!!!

  • Spotlight artists! TWO!! - Still life Duane Keiser and Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud

1. Read pages 2-7 of the Scholastic Art magazines (copies included)

2. Answer the questions on the handout in your sketchbook.

Duane Keiser

1. First Explore the work of Duane Keiser at his website http://www.duanekeiser.com/recent

Duane Keiser

2. Watch this video.

3. Now watch this video.

4. Pick a still-life work from his site and copy it's composition in your sketchbook.

5. Answer the following questions about Duane Keiser's work.

-What are some characteristics of his still-life work?

-Many of his still life paintings have a central compostion. How does he resolve the composition so that this works?

-How has technology, especially video affected his art?

-Can you tell anything about the time of day in his works? How?

- Why do you think he chooses the objects he does?

- How are his works similar to those of Wayne Thiebaud?

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