Week #14


  • Sketchbook (60 minutes) - Due Thurs. Dec.14

  • Website (process post) 10 minutes

  • DC assignment due with Sketchbook #2

  • NYC Spring Break trip- forms and deposits due Friday Dec. 8th!!!

  • Scholastic entries due Dec. 14th. Signed forms due Dec. 15th!!! Be on the lookout for an email from me soon.

Day 1

  • Introduce Abstract expressionism and color field painter and process

  • presentation link

Day 2

  • Students will continue their exploration of non-objective painting with acrylic paints by starting two paintings on smaller canvases. Students should NOT use oil paints on these painting.

  • The first painting should be an “Action painting” in the manner of the Abstract expressionist painters. Students have already watched a short video on Klein’s painting. Before beginning, they should also watch this short film on deKooning’s painting process. Students should understand that although these artists worked with oil paints, they are to emulate the “high energy” act of painting of these artists, but using acrylic paints. You will not finish this work! Just get the first layer down!

  • Video #1- https://youtu.be/r7sJ_WNiSrs?t=6m34s - This link can be found on CoachHall.com

  • The second painting is a color field painting. Students may use any of the techniques that we have practiced with acrylics for this painting. They should watch either of these short videos on working in the manner of Rothko and/or Barnett Newman before beginning work on this second painting They do NOT have to use this same techniques, but I want them aware of various approaches that they may choose to use.

  • Rothko video - https://youtu.be/vSiu8qzHV6c

  • Newman video - https://youtu.be/GacKM9yxiw4

  • For both of these paintings students are encouraged to think about this as the “start” of the painting, not the finish.

  • For both paintings students should make sure to consider the following elements:

  • Color - Mix your paint colors. DO NOT USE ANY COLOR STRAIGHT OUT OF THE TUBE!!! Consider you knowledge of color theory and color schemes.

  • Mark/Surface - As with drawing, carefully consider HOW YOU ARE APPLYING the paint. This might mean a large brush or a small brush, a palette knife, or a rag. It also may simply mean that you worked slowly and carefully or with fast movements.

  • Composition - carefully consider, positive and negative space as well as whether you have an open or closed composition. How are you guiding the viewer’s eye around the canvas.

Day 3

  • Students should work on their sketchbook assignments (and DC assignment) which is due next Thursday.

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