Design by Jordan Keller '17

  • 10 pts. Craftmanship

  • 20 pts. Composition

  • 10 pts. Creativity

  • 20 pts. Content/Message

  • 10 pts. Use of color

  • 10 pts. Use of hierarchy

  • 20 pts. Necessary elements

  • 10 pts. Effective use of typography

  • 10 points All elements


  • Design a sample layout for The Borogove literary magazine where the design creates a unique identity for the publication.

  • Design a sample front and back cover for the literary magazine

  • Design the table of contents layout.

  • Design the staff and foreword spread.

  • Design two different double-page layouts for the interior of literary magazine.

  • Design your spread using the filler text, filler art, any graphics of your own construction and any fonts you have available. 

  • Include "by lines" and captions for student images.

  • Design student artwork so that it is not overly cropped.

  • You will be evaluated on the layout elements, and how your elements (text and art) work together on the pages to create an impression.

  • Remember that your work is being evaluated on design and layout.

  • Utilize all the principles of graphic design we have learned throughout the year. 

  • Create the cover last after your final page count is known

  • Use the correct dimensions for files

  • Files must have an even number of pages

  • Design your book with a single page on the right, followed by two-page spreads, and ending with a single page on the left

  • Use only 100% black ink for text

  • Do not use spot or registration color

  • For advanced users, fine tune colors with our ICC profile

  • Rasterize overly complex vectors (e.g. Illustrator or CAD art)

  • For full-bleed printing, stretch images to the page's edge

Page Specifications in Inches link

Final, exported PDF should measure (w x h)8.625 x 11.25

Page size / trim line (w x h)8.5 x 11.0

Bleed (top, bottom, and outside edges)0.125

Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (Top, Bottom, Outside Edge)0.25

Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (Binding Edge)0.5

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