Design by Jordan Keller '17

  • 10 pts. Craftmanship

  • 20 pts. Composition

  • 10 pts. Creativity

  • 20 pts. Content/Message

  • 10 pts. Use of color

  • 10 pts. Use of hierarchy

  • 20 pts. Necessary elements

Option #1: Personal Poster Design
  • You will be creating a 12 x 18 vertical movie poster.  

  • Poster image: Pick an event in your life that you think would make a compelling movie and reveals something about yourself.  Consider a poster composition that best conveys the idea of the movie.  Feel free to draw from other movie poster designs.  (Good artists borrow, great artists steal.)  Develop three thumbnail sketches with a focus on effective composition. 

    • The majority of the poster must be made up of one composite image (with at least 3 images).  Most of these images should be ones that you take.  If not possible, the composition should NOT be comprised primarily by an appropriated poster.

    • If you do appropriate images, make sure to use high res. images.

    • Begin by creating your composite in Photoshop.

    • Consider your composition as well as color scheme/mood.


  • Poster text: If you need your poster text to have effects (distortion, glow, etc.) you should complete this in Photoshop along with the image.  Otherwise, you will transfer the image over to Illustrator to complete the design.

    • Choose your typefaces carefully to reflect the feel and mood of the movie.  

    • The poster must include:

      • the title of the movie

      • lead actor names

      • Opening date (can be anything)

      • Optional:

        • tag lines

        • reviews

        • awards

Option #2: Art & Music Poster Design

Design a new poster for the Youth Art and Music Month exhibition.


  • As with the above poster project, you will be creating a 12x18 poster (vertical or horizontal).  This poster will be used to advertise the new Youth Art & Music Month event.

  • As with the movie poster, the photoshopped image must make up the majority of the design.  

  • The image should be an energetic combination of the themes of “Art & Music” (showcasing drawing, painting, photography, digital art, sculpture as well as jazz, orchestra, and chorus.)

  • The text will come from the past posters with updated dates/times.

  • The poster must include the Maggie Walker Art ‘wave’ logo design.

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