Design by Jordan Keller '17

  • 10 pts. Craftmanship

  • 20 pts. Composition

  • 10 pts. Creativity

  • 20 pts. Content/Message

  • 10 pts. Use of color

  • 10 pts. Use of hierarchy

  • 20 pts. Necessary elements

Option #1: Infographic Design
  • You will be creating a tabloid 16x11 (or 16x22 spread) size infographic page(s) for a magazine .  

  • Infographic theme: Pick an aspect of your life or personality that you think would make a compelling infographic that reveals something about yourself.  Alternatively, choose a topic that you are passionate about that lends itself to an infographic.

    • The design must be made up of images which you capture or create.

    • Graphic must use at least SIX "data points"

    • Design must effectively communicate your data

    • Design should creatively communicate your data/theme

    • Consider your composition as well as color scheme/mood.


  • Infographic text:

    • Choose your typefaces carefully to reflect the feel and mood of the content.  

    • The poster must include:

      • the title of the infographic

      • explaination text

      • 3 call outs to support content

      • Key.

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