Spotlight Artist: #3 Paul Cezanne (1839 - 1906)

The Basket of Apples 1893 Oil on canvas, 2’ 2” x 2’ 7” The Art Institute of Chicago Readings 1. Read this introductory article about Cezanne. Be patient, it take a while to load the page. 2. Read this article about the above painting. Be patient, it take a while to load the page. Gallery Video - Watch prior to answering essential questions. Essential Questions - AFTER CAREFULLY REVIEWING THE RESOURCES ASSIGNED ABOVE: Answer the f

Spotlight Artist: #2 Rachel Ruysch (1664 - 1750)

Still-Life with Fruit and Insects 1711 Oil on wood, 44 x 60 cm (approx. 18” x 24”) Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence Synopsis READ:Adapted from the National Museum of Women in the Arts): Rachel Ruysch was successful for nearly 70 years as a specialist in flower paintings. Ruysch's maternal grandfather, Pieter Post, was an important architect,and her father, Frederik Ruysch, an eminent scientist. From him, she learned how to observe and record nature with great accuracy. At 15, she was apprenticed to the well-known Dutch flower painter Willem van Aelst. From that point on, she produced various kinds of still lifes, mainly flower pieces and woodland scenes. In 1701, Ruysch became a member of the

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